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  1. hitman101


    Hey, I havn't been very active in the past year. So I Thought I would post with some stuff I've been doing lately. I just got CS5 here are some sigs I made today. I'm not the best but if you want a signature PM me (also if you want link to download CS5 PM me).
  2. hitman101

    Hitman101's Call of Duty MW2 Trainer V2.0

    Hitman101's Call of Duty MW2 Trainer V2.0 Please keep on giving suggestions, helps me a lot. Suggestions: Improve UI More Features Buttons In Sync What's New Added Unlimited Health New UI Buttons Fixed Fixed Address that was written wrong Instructions: Download & Extract Run MW2 Single...
  3. hitman101

    Windows XP Fix "Error during initialization: Unhandled exeception caught"

    Okay here's how to resolve this problem.Tested by me as well so I know it works. Start>Control panel>Switch to classic view(If not already)>Phone and Modem options>Click on the Modems tab and remove the non-present modems. Pictures if needed are in attachments,I could not show you pictures of...
  4. hitman101

    [HELP]Can't get banners working :(

    None of the banners show up. :( Here is what I got atm. set g_banners 1 set g_banner1 “For more information vist.” set g_banner2 “{FZ}Clan Server.” set g_bannerTime 3 set g_bannerLocation 4
  5. hitman101

    [Video]Create Your Own Server

    Hello I'm hitman101 obviously I created my own server not too long ago and I thought why not create a video, so here it is. Information: Game: Enemy Territory Patch: 2.60b What I'm Doing: Setting up an Enemy Territory Server Mod: Etpub Shrubbot: NoLink...
  6. hitman101


    Hey my server wont come on the server browser list.I connect through IP as well it just counts..... When I run my ETDED.exe shortcut I get This. ET 2.60 win-x86 Mar 10 2005 ----- FS_Startup ----- Current search path: 27960/etmain D:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\pak2.pk3 (22...
  7. hitman101

    Hitman101's Signature Creating Service #2

    I am not doing this for long so get your orders in know ill upload some of my work if you like you can choose anything from here or simply make a reply saying what you want with picture included and text you would like. #1
  8. hitman101

    |oSa|Clan Recruitment

    Old School Assassins is recruitment decent players for Enemy Territory 2.60 Leader: |oSa|DemiGod Old School Assassins Clan Forum we will be getting a server in 1-2weeks so keep watching and i will edit with server information if you wish to apply to not PM me please contact me on xfire...
  9. hitman101

    Server Problem Please Help

    This is the file ran. ET 2.60 win-x86 Mar 10 2005 ----- FS_Startup ----- Current search path: 27960/etpub D:\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etpub 27960/etmain D:\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\pak2.pk3 (22 files) D:\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\pak1.pk3 (10 files) D:\Wolfenstein -...
  10. hitman101

    Jeff Dunham & Walter: Terrorism and terrorists

    Now dont get laughing to hard because it aint that funny
  11. hitman101

    Non-Botting ET Clan

    |oSFa|Clan server name:|oSFa|Clan Server Server IP: Recruiting: Yes Website: Leaders: DemiGod,Orange Referal: Tell DemiGod or Orange i told you to ask them to join because then you should make it in. =]
  12. hitman101

    figure it out

    GODISNOWHERE!! what am i saying!!!:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  13. hitman101

    All VB6 Commands

    Here are the VB operators used to perform mathematical operations on one or more variables. Aside from the normal multiply/add/substract and divide, you will find the AND, OR, Not Equal, MOD and Integer Division operators very useful. * / - Normal division * \ - Integer division (truncates...
  14. hitman101

    NZ Ftp Server

    im from australia and i download around 300-500kb/sec on this ftp server it is only a small ftp so yeah its used on the |oSFa| Server witch im co leader on
  15. hitman101

    Creating Signatures

    i am currently making signatures for anyone whats needed: picture(If any): text(If any): for a preview of what i can do is: and i can always improve
  16. hitman101


    Rate,comment what ever you want to do * Gallery #2
  17. hitman101

    Watch All New Movies No DL

    thats rite no downloading movies its all streaming videos here! <link removed> note* they may not have all new movies =] enjoy!
  18. hitman101

    New Sig

    same one just did some text tutorials added a few changes to it all any advice is helpful i know it still aint the best but yer i should of left background normal and only changed text but meh
  19. hitman101


    we are a non-bot clan server: will get ip soon website: recruiting: yes we are recruiting version: 2.55
  20. hitman101


    sorry, but yea im shit with text rate,comment what ever,ways to improve?