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    CoD:WAW v1.1 - Multihack - Official Full First Patch

    Hi, Call of Duty: World At War 1.1 - MULTIHACK. 2008 / Nov / 11 This hack is for the FIRST OFFICIAL Multiplayer patch. 1.1 which was released today. You have to install this patch if you want to play the multiplayer after the official game release. PB STATUS: DETECTED Features: -Wallhack...
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    CoD:WAW v1.0 - Multihack

    Hi, Call of Duty: World At War 1.0 - MULTIHACK. 2008 / Nov / 08 PB STATUS: UNDETECTED - right now pb doesn't scan yet. still a public version. Features: -Wallhack - Numpad 1 ON | OFF -Norecoil - Numpad 2 ON | OFF -NameESP - Numpad 4 ON | OFF -RadarHack - Numpad 3 ON | OFF -Spammer - Numpad...
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    CoD5:Beta Spammer - Votekick

    It is a useless crap by me. It spams the lyrics of Offspring. - Self Esteem, garbage strings and votekicks the 1# slot if the server has vote enabled. numpad 1 - lyrics numpad 2 - strings numpad 3 - votekick it is annoying for some people so just do it... PunkBuster won't kick you for this...
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    Hi, Call of Duty 5: World At War BETA - Multihack by me. 2008 / 10 / 29 FEATURES: Wallhack - Numpad 1 to turn ON| OFF NoRecoil - Numpad 2 to turn ON | OFF RadarHack - Numpad 3 to turn ON | OFF (multihackV3) NameESP - Numpad 4 to turn ON | OFF (multihackV3) Dvar-Unlocker - Use cheat...
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    Lol Hope I am the first!!!!! CoD5: World at War BETA! Cvar UNLOCKER. Use cvars like: fx_enable 0 r_fog 0 r_fullbright 1 cg_thirdperson 1 get them unlocked. Forgot to say: Type in /dvarlist and cvars whichare marked with "C" those are cheat cvars, you can unlock them. :P PS.: To The...
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    Cod 2 cdkey! Original

    Hey guys, I bought a Cdkey for my friend but he didn't pay me... so here you are the CDkey. ************************* PLAY AWAY and enjoy.. hope you guys ban it soon. :D
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    djzuza IS A SCAMMER! Anti-Cheater! Sent hacks to PB

    Hey guys, please ban this guy from everywhere. Sent the undetected cheats from here like ogri's crap and CoD1Hook by NightGhost! He said he is not anti-cheater yet.. he always said he want a new release and when it came out he sent to the PunkBuster! Do you want me to prove? Look at this page...
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    Beta testers needed

    Hi, if you could help me to test my program's function please add me to your buddy list in xfire which is "heyho299". About the program? Just test a function... You don't have to worry about viruses you can scan it before run but it's just a DLL file. Tool needed: OllyDbg v1.10 so if you...