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  1. King-OrgY

    CS:GO Elitebot visuals
  2. King-OrgY


    Hello, ideas to keep the site active?
  3. King-OrgY

    BF4 Beta - Public Hook

    Only visuals Name ESP Box ESP Distance ESP Health ESP Vehicle ESP Vehicle Name ESP Vehicle Health ESP Vehicle Line ESP Radar Credits: dudeinberlin Chevyyy Kozmo zoomgod pansemuckl IChooseYou d1gitalSLR CypherPresents dogmatt
  4. King-OrgY

    Magic Wallhack for Version 4.2.014

    Simple wallhack with cvar unlocker have fun how to use: run the .exe run the game
  5. King-OrgY

    Warface engine

    class IRenderAuxGeom { public: virtual void Function0(); // virtual void SetRenderFlags( const SAuxGeomRenderFlags& renderFlags ); virtual SAuxGeomRenderFlags GetRenderFlags(); virtual void DrawPoint( const Vec3& v, const ColorB& col, uint8 size = 1 ); virtual void...
  6. King-OrgY

    Warface Hack

    Warface - Beta hack - Teleports!!! - YouTube is the us version of the game with anticheat
  7. King-OrgY

    speed hacking in crysis 3

  8. King-OrgY

    Magic Wallhack for Blackops 2 v0.0.3

    Change Log: v0.0.1 Player Wallhack v0.0.2 Fixed Treyarch Anti MagicWallhack v0.0.3 Updated to latest version v0.0.4 Wallhack Only on enemys How to use: Inject while in game or after you has been successful login or run the hack first then start the game do you have problems...
  9. King-OrgY

    [RELEASE]Magic Wallhack for Blackops 2 v0.0.2

    this version no longer works latest version : CLICK ME
  10. King-OrgY

    [Release] BF3 Public Hook

    ESP Name Distance Box 2D Line Misc No Recoil Works on DX11 and DX10(nV)/DX10.1(AMD) complete engine based so no FPS drops on a server with 64 players Punkbuster: Edit, new Status: Possible: MULTIHACK #71193 USE AS YOUR OWN RISK! How to use: Inject ( via the loader in the .zip )...
  11. King-OrgY

    perfect cod4 auto vote

    haven't post any code in the last time, so i have pick this from my bot int AutoVoteRender = 0; int VoteTimer = 0; void AutoVote( ){ int randomClientNum = rand( ) % MAX_CLIENTS; VoteTimer = (*(int*)0x74AA90 - *(int*)0x794460) / 1000; if ( (*(int*)0x74AA90 - *(int*)0x794460) /...
  12. King-OrgY

    Public elite bot v7 requests

    if you want some function in the bot you can request it in this thread. NOTE: DO NOT ASK FOR PUNKBUSTER UNDETECTED ps:aimbot fov is still bugy atm lol, but will be 100% fixed in the next version ( made a fail mistake ).
  13. King-OrgY

    mw3 score thread

    i start
  14. King-OrgY

    Magic Wallhack For Warsow v0.62

    Functions: Wallhack How to use: Inject while in game or run the hack first then start the game AntiOrgy Status:Undeteckted STILL, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! do you have problems? #1 Click Me ( install ) #2 Run the Hack as admin #3 Disable your anti-virus my TODO List: Wallhack only on...
  15. King-OrgY

    [Release]Public CoD4 Elite Bot

    Download Version v6: Click ME! ( Command prefix is "/orgy_" ) Download Version v7: Click ME! ( Command prefix is "/kingo_" ) BOTH VERSIONS ARE NOT PUNKBUSTER PROOF full list kingo_aimbot kingo_aimbot_fov kingo_aimbot_key kingo_aimbot_mode kingo_aimbot_predict kingo_aimbot_shoot...
  16. King-OrgY

    [Release]CoD7 Elite Bot

    Aimbot Server Frame Predict AimShot No Weapon Spread ( real advanced one ) No Weapon Recoil NameTags How to Use: Run Maimi.exe Run BlackOps Vac3:Undetected but PATCHED! #1:there is no way to toggle any functions Support For Operation Systems: Windows XP SP3 - 32bit Windows XP SP3 - 64bit...
  17. King-OrgY

    cod7Bot v1.16 FREE weekend edition

    attachment is to big, so download it from another trusted cheat site Release: cod7Bot v1.16 FREE weekend edition
  18. King-OrgY

    Magic Wallhack for Blackops v0.3.9

    Magic Wallhack for Blackops v0.3.9 by King-Orgy No Chams on dead bodys No Chams on Team mates Only Chams Behind Walls Show Enemy Names Fixed loader Injection( game should not close now if you run the hack first ) No Weapon Recoil ( can be toggled via msg box ) anti crack protection ( against...
  19. King-OrgY

    Small GPU Info Tool for amd and ati graphic cards

    a small tool i made using the AMD's graphic card SDK its only console based for now you need at least netframework 4.0 and catalyst 10.1 HD 2400 Series( this may work for the XT series ) and above support for: PCI AGP PCI-E 1.0 - 3.0 Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Server editions 2003...
  20. King-OrgY

    [c#]Getting Memory Info from a AMD/ATI based GPU

    first we need to get the ADL SDK it can be found here:Click since the Samples are very limited we need to add manual all the functions we need however all structs can be found inside include/adl_structures.h the memory struct can be found on line 110 . using the Sample-Managed. the import...