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    Learn C++ For Beginners Video Tutorial!

    Hey there guys, this tutorial series is intended for the absolute beginner that wants to start learning C++ to later work on hacking projects! This tutorial series will take you from the ground up, and by the end I can guarantee you will know how to code your own hacks with the knowledge you've learned here and Fleep's excellent tutorials.

    Perseverance is KEY. The only way to become a successful game hacker is to keep working and constantly improving your skills. Do not rush through concepts if you do not understand them, take the time to research the topic and ask questions if you can't find your answer. Rushing through and not learning is pointless and will only end up hurting you in the end! Stay strong guys!

    A series for people that want to invest the time to learn C++ and use it later for game hacking.
    You will obtain a firm understanding of the C++ language and be able to apply it to any programming situation, not just hacking.
    [B][COLOR=green]This series teaches you C++ for programming hacks LATER.

    Where to learn C++
    A series for people who want to be lazy and copy and paste source without learning.
    We are not creating any hacks in this series.

    Part 1 ~ Getting The Basics Down

    Part 2 ~ Variables & Operations

    Part 3 ~ RPG Quest Game

    Part 4 ~ Armory Game

    Part 5 ~ Conquering The IF

    Part 6 ~ More Operators!

    Part 7 ~ Strength Game

    Part 8 ~ Switch & Loops

    Part 9 ~ For Loops & More

    Part 10 ~ Rock Paper Scissors

    Part 11 ~ Commander Game

    Part 12 ~ Functions!

    Part 13

    Part 14

    Part 15
    [FONT=arial black]
    Part 16

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    Re: Learn C++ For Beginners Video Tutorial!

    Probably having studied all these materials since the tutorials, I can say with certainty I'm able to achieve my goal in C++, however, information is so large, not to mention the language itself is still evolving, that I'll be learning forever and saying that "I know C++" now I take much information
    from experts in programming this professional just getting my first work in C++ done successfully and it became a sample and design work. It`s probably much easier to put some kind of Visual Studio or
    Qt Creator and solve problems on the command line, but without C ++, I could not evolve to a new level just as quickly ...


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