Abstract Sig (No brushes)


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Well this is my first tutorial so i hope you all can follow it a bit ^^

In this tutorial i will teach you how to make a basic abstract sig without the use of brushes... Hope you will learn something from it...

First open up a new file (duh...)
I used this size.

Than go to Edit>Fill with these settings.
Use: Black
Mode Normal
Opacity: 100%

Alright now go to Filter>Render>Lens Flare.
Leave the settings as they are only put the flare into a corner of your sig.

Ok, now add another one at the opposit corner.
I now have this.

Now Go to Filter>Sketch>Chrome and use the following settings.
Detail: 10
Smoothness: 0
You'll end up having something simmular to this.

Put the layer on Lighten and duplicate it 6 times (you should have 7 layers now).
On the top 4 layers add Filter>Distort>Wave
Just leave the settings as they are just hit randomize a couple of times
(Be sure to do wave filter only 1 time at each of the 4 layers).

This is what i got now (Note: The results might not be the same as mine but this is just becouse of the randomize).

Alright, you should have 3 layers left without the wave filter.
On the layer with subname "Layer 1 Copy 2" add the following
Filter>Distort>Twirl with an angle of 150.
Do the same with the layer below that only with an angle of -150.

You should have something like this now.

Merge all your layers togeter (Ctrl-Shift-E)
Go to Image Adjustments>Hue>Saturation (Ctrl-U)

Click on colorize and choose a nice color.

Than your sig is ready.
The only thing left to do is adding a border
and some text :)

Result without Text and border.

And my result with a border and text.

Another example.

Well hope you enjoy your new signature.
And ofcourse you can add a render and some personal touches...

For question just pm me.

Please show me your outcome and rate my tutorial.