[Aimbot coder wanted] easy 2d shooter project


New member
Looking for an advanced coder to make me an aimbot. Fairly easy project on a 2d shooter game called soldat (Soldat :: Homepage). there is an anti-cheat that i will need you to bypass as well. there are multiple guns that need to be configured with the aimbot, as well as secondary's. if your are advanced enough you should know exactly what to do, of course there is a pay off. if you think your up to it, shoot me an email, and get started.

also, i will not pay you if the hack is shitty. make a version without the anti cheat bypass, so i can try it first, just so you don't think ill take off with your hack. trust me, if its worth it, ill pay you. or honestly its up to you, shoot me an email and ill play by your rules, i just want a quality hack.