Another ET scam...

I really lol'd at all those guys failing to edit nexus with the idea to sell it.
But there is nothing we can do about it other then reporting everywhere that this is a "fake" "new hack".

€12 for that hack is not much, because (I hope) he probably added more mod-support... otherwise any customers are f*cked. Nexus doesn't work on any NoQuarter version, doesn't work on any Jaymod version higher than 2.0.3, etc... useless hack if the modsupport hasn't been updated to today's needs. If the hack is for real atleast, screenshots say nothing at all (they only proove that the hack is a rip-off).

but srsly, who would even believe this stuff? nobody uses nexus anymore, you can only use it on etmain or some out-dated etpub/jaymod server lmao

Private Cheats

Since when is a nexus rip-off SLAC proof?
Just in case, I'll let you people know, this is a scam.