cod5Bot 1.00 BETA by Pansemuckl

Rank 65

1.) Open cheatengine
2.) Open cod5
3.) Attach cheatengine to cod5
4.) Find your current experience points (in the menu)
5.) Alt+tab out and search it in cheatengine (4byte)
6.) Enter a NON-PB game, and kill one person
7.) Exit the current online match
8.) Find your experience and you will see it has changed
9.) Go to cheatengine and type in the new one.
10.) Press next search
11.) There SHOULD be 1 value left.
12.) Double click and then edit the value to: 9999999
13.) Freeze the value.
14.) Go ingame and kill one person.
15.) Exit game, exit cheatengine
16.) Start game again, and ENJOY LEVEL 65 :)

The aimbot works well no probs and undetected
ALso thanks for this nice post it worked well for the lvl65 xD


New member
Nice hack!

It works for me, but in the download link stays: winXP, I use vista and it works fine too.

Thanks, keep up the good work,



New member
hey guys.New version is out now with gui menu


- ESP ( name, distance, grenade, tank, artillery, weapon, IsMoving ("~") )
- Crosshair
- Kill sounds, spam, stats
- WH, no recoil, no shellshock, dvars unlocked
- Aimbot (with prediction, human aim, random aim, aimvecs, random aim)
- Radar
- Icon ISP
- menu (numpad0 by default)
- PB Clean screenshots + PB proof

This is just another unfinished development beta. Hopefully this will
stop the crying :/



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