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Hey guys!

Well as you can see in my introduction post, I want to learn how to code a aimbot just for me. I know that first i need to create otherthings, more simple because a aimbot its complex and take a lot of coding skills, thing i don't have.

So since i want to code a aimbot for CS 1.6 aka Goldsrc Engine i need some tutorials in order to get more information about the engine and coding. What are the tools and the steps to make basic things, im going to be honest, i don't have experience with C++ or C#... only with Web Languages like PHP, CSS...

I tryed to google it, i didn't had success with that, mabye im looking with bad keywords... So I want your help to get me some basic tutorials.

Also, i been reading some anti-cheat bypass, for now i want that my final version bypass VAC, if there is a tutorial for that i would be glad if you guys post it!

EDIT: Some people told me that it would be better to get a source from the internet and edit it in order to get undetected, and if i don't release the code it will be undetected to most of the anti-cheats include VAC, is it true?

Btw... how much do a coder take to make a private legit aimbot? Mabye i will buy one for now.

Sorry my bad english!
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