i need hack america's army


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hello my seek hack for america's army undected or deteced free plz:'(

-no virus



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siLenCers quote in my signature \/

(sorry, I had to...)

Yeah I had to. Its not bullshit - since when CU moderators/admins/users/anyone! has to help him if he cant find something himself? I of course understand someone cant speak english very well or is just a newb, but this is bullshit - its not a reason to act like complete dumbass. What Im going to is that it is NOT hard to use the damn Search feature or use the damn Downloads (notabene we have hundreds of hacks) and type in Americas Army or whatever. "We will not do the work for you" ... if you cant search yourself. Maybe one day people will search, and THEN make new thread...

Thanks, have a good day (probably nightnow :D)