[ImageReady]Simple Color Change Animation


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Hey I'm in my Graphics class at school with nuthing to do atm so i guess i'll show the newbies :) how to create a simple color change animation :)
Fallow my steps and you shall succeeeed

You will learn to create an animation like this :)

1. Open up ImageReady

2. Open with this Stock

3. Go to Window>Animation
to open up ur animation box

4. In your Animation box click The Duplicate Fram button
Make 5 frames. Once you have your 5th frame proceed to step 5.

5. In your layer tab (where your Layers/History/Actions tabs are)
Duplicate the stock 5 times. proceed to step 6.

6. Click on Layer 1 and press CTRL+U it opens up the
Hue settings, Change the settings in there to ur best fit, just dont change the Brightness. MAKE SURE the other 4 layers are hidden while doing this. Then move to frame 2 and layer 2 and hide the other 3 layers and repeat etc.

7. go to File > Save Optimized as

8. Whala! done. :)

wasnt the best tutorial but hey im bored!
when i get home i will show u how to create moving water <3



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...i get how to do everything until saving
how do i save the anime?
when i save it stays still doesnt colour change or anything
i saved it as .gif ...is that rite