Making my first hack, would like some contacts... (i'm an old member)


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So after dreaming about making a hack since around 15 years ago, I'm apparently starting do it "seriously"
here is my old AB account : /members/raizo.36050/

I have always been so excited about using hacks for COD1, I'm going to make a hack using C++, a menu with IMGUI.
Also enjoyed so much using evilhook on cod4
I used to be so fascinated about coders, I know some other cheating forums but ab is like an old home to me, grew in it

I'm starting to make a hack that only manage console commands such as "cg_blood" (no cheat protected cvars for the moment) : for COD1 1.1 patch (no punkbuster so cool) (oh and yes still players on it, see : COD 1 | MASTERLIST)

Tonight, I downloaded cheat engine and I think I know how to find the address of the FOV, but I'm not able to change it from cheat engine yet (tried "change value..." but it don't apply to game)

I have some experience in coding(mostly for mobiles), if i succeed creating a COD1 hack, I will share it for free with the source code, I would like to make chams, not so interested about wh/aimbot... but I think I would have fun using a silent aim (lol)
I prefer to enhance/tweak graphics, but I'll maybe try to make a no spread too...

SOOOOO I post this message hoping that some old coders (and new coders from elsewhere) will add me on discord (raphael#9850)

I will be invested I'm like a maniac, and I would be very grateful
I will try to don't spam you with questions (but spam google instead), but being in touch with someone with experience in this domain would be so valuable to me.

bye bye

ps : a short gameplay video on cod1 (to show "tweaks") :
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