More Oldskool Bots


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Haven't seen these here so I thought I'd post them.
(Sorry if they're a re-post).


  • rtcw-et-4dv4nc3d_ET_HACK_v1.1.rar
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  • das_opulum.rar
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    165.2 KB · Views: 667
  • bigmacet0.5.rar
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  • Deliverance
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Thanks for sharing. Like levenlooz said ;)
But do you have any idea of the mod supports? version support? features?


Most oldskool bots are OpenGL,
So support every mode in 2.55 and maybe 2.60(b).

And the features depends which bot you use.

peace peace

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People, when I saw this thread I didn't believed my eyes...
Only 1 of these Bots is Oldskool, others are autofeatured or not Oldskool!!!
So if you would come to an Oldskool Server, you'll probly be kicked if 1 of the admins coem to know.
Only the N7ET is Oldskool, the rest are NOT OLDSKOOL!!!


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All the bots I posted (99% sure) were made in '03 (when ET was released).

That's oldskool IMO - Das Opulum was the precursor his (Rainer) Iprokka bot.