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I made my pic 400 x 150.but u can make other size...
put fibers(Filter-Render-Fibers...)leave setting how they are.'
Difference clouds(filter-Render-Difference clouds).Now go (filter-stylize- glowing edges..)and use it.the settings:witdh-1;brightness-19;smoothness-14.
Duplicate the layer 2 times,the top 2 layers options put on overlay.(u can also put color dodge or lighten... i did lighten)
now on the top one use Twirl (filter-distort-twirl) and put 150.
now take the middle layer and take twirl again and put it on -150.
merge use diffuse glow(filter-distort-diffuse g.)settings:Graininess-0;Glow Amount-20;Clear Amount 6.
Duplicate the layer 4 times(you should have 5 layers now).On the top one put the layer option on lighten.Now use Wave on all of the top 4 layers leave the settings how they are just hit random a couple of times.
Now merge the layers.And press Ctrl+U and put the color that u want.

My outcome:

Also add your text,and u can mess with it further ways...
Hope you understood :D


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This tutorial is nice and easy but very effective and quite a nice out come.
I wil try this as soon as my photoshop decides to bloody work.