[QL] Offset list


Offset list generated by QLHook. This information is provided by stealth93, pulser and myself.

[u]Imports / exports[/u]
Syscall: 0x2bb210
vmMain: 0x5a568

CG_Text_Width: 0x8780
CG_Text_Height: 0x8840
CG_Text_Paint: 0x89d0
CG_ScanForCrosshair: 0xbdb0
CG_Trace: 0x32bd0
CG_AllocLocalEntity: 0x16590
CG_Init: 0x1dc90
CG_Shutdown: 0x19490

RE_AddRefEntityToScene: 0x195e0
RE_RenderScene: 0x19780

CG_xhairClientnum: 0xb8d7a88

Offset: 0x5fb1ec
Size: 0x738
Name: 0x5fb1ec + 0x8
Leg: 0x5fb1ec + 0x314
Torso: 0x5fb1ec + 0x31c
Head: 0x5fb1ec + 0x324
HeadSkin: 0x5fb1ec + 0x328
TorsoSkin: 0x5fb1ec + 0x320
LegSkin: 0x5fb1ec + 0x318
Team: 0x5fb1ec + 0x108

Offset: 0x658d20
Size: 0x2a0

Pos: 0x658d20 + 0xc
lerpOrigin: 0x658d20 + 0x288
modelIndex: 0x658d20 + 0xa8
clientNum: 0x658d20 + 0xb0
solid: 0x658d20 + 0xb8
eFlags: 0x658d20 + 0x8
pos.trDelta: 0x658d20 + 0x24
eType: 0x658d20 + 0x4
weapon: 0x658d20 + 0xc8
currentValid: 0x658d20 + 0x1b4
snapShotTime: 0x658d20 + 0x1cc
miscTime: 0x658d20 + 0x1c8

Size: 0x8c
leType: 0x8
startTime: 0x10
endTime: 0x14
color: 0x74
lifeRate: 0x1c
reType: 0x0
shaderTime: 0x80
customShader: 0x70
origin: 0x44
oldorigin: 0x54
axis: 0x1c
renderfx: 0x4
hModel: 0x8

A small example of implementation:
for (int i = 0; i < 64; i++ )
	// clientInfo
	players[ i ].name = ( char* ) ( 0x5fb1ec + 0x8 + ( i * 0x738 ) );

	// centity
	players[ i ].weapon = ( int* ) ( 0x658d20 + 0xc8 + ( i * 0x2a0 ) );


It is also very easy to make a wallhack. Since you now know the address of RE_AddRefEntityToScene (0x195e0), and the fact that renderfx is located at 'base + 0x4'.