[Release]KoH|Chams for cod 1


[Release]KoH|Chams for cod 1

Winamp control
Transparent chams
Clear scope

how you use ?-->
in game f7 chams on
f3 transparent chams on
winamp --->
NUMPAD1 WampPlay
NUMPAD2 WampStop
NUMPAD3 WampPause
NUMPAD4 WampNext
NUMPAD5 WampPrevious
NUMPAD6 WampShowSong

F5 Hackspawn

Not pb proff jet -.-
Have fun;)


  • KoH-cham bot.rar
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New member
I would download it, but it aint undetected... no use of getting chams if they are detected, you can just use an ordinary hack...


New member
oh i already got that and i do use it, but the problem is i would like to have chams to let me know if they are not in sight or not, cause you know when you are getting watched, and it looks like there is someone there and you start firing but hes behind the wall, and so, you will look stupid..


New member
hello, i'm trying to open this hack with 1.1 patch
windows 11, admin mode, xp sp2 & sp3 compatibility mode

it looks like it starts the game but then it goes back to desktop

does someone has an idea about how i could fix this ? i really want to try these chams