[Release] QLitemz


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new version

see readme for changes


added some countermeasures to QL's anti-cheating
crash reports are no longer sent to QL site
wallhack can be customized
released november 26, 2012

In particular, rizzy123's method is still valid (for people having a dynamic ip) but with this version of QLitemz, a third-party program to change the MAC address is not needed.
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people having a static ip and/or having a premium account : beware!

3 trustworthy reports notified me that QLitemz is actually detected, even when the spec queue is empty. This shows that QL's anticheat uses a remote/automated scheme.

modified the first post accordingly


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This is definitely detected. First time I've used any cheat. The game flagged me, altered damage given and received and banned the account after logging out. Quite a pity, was hoping to increase my trolling to a new level.


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Thx for reports - I've updated the first post accordingly.

One thing to try with a new account would be to postpone cheating: play a few legit online matches before using QLitemz.