So who remember these great and awesome starcraft hacks that was?


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The first major hack (other than map hack and multicommand) I've seen and used this hack about 2 1/2 years ago, I remember in 1v1 melee this guy he had 4 propes and suddenly turning into a fuckin' cacoons, then mutalisk?

I was shocked and thought they were fake, he did a circle around the edge of the map and then attacked my base with it, I immediately left, then another game was also very similar, only the guy was morphing the propes into vespene geysers to permently block his entrance from ground attacks!

LOL, then he morphed the propes into lots of nexus and kept pumping out mutalisk with the hack and annhilated everything. Afterwards I found the hack on a website, and I started to have some fun, but didn't last long 2 weeks after blizzard updated it and this was the first great hack I've used, using a prope to morph it into anything is just too fun.

After that it didn't stop, I remember one I've used was the terran command center hacks, what it is, is that, the hack allows u to build a comsat station for free, then auto cancels it and in return u get 50m/50g resources, combined this with several CC and multicommand and non stop autocanceling getting 3~4k was easily done within just few secs

I think these two came after the update for the CC hack, concept is similar, you build a marine or factory addon for free and with the hack canceling, you get some minerals back, I think you can get like 500 or more minerals with the each marine canceling, I don't remember that well anymore, but it made terran very goddly with the marine canceling hack

Another terran hacks was the ability to nuke anywhere without the ghost in range, I was able to own 5 people in a 3v3zc nr20 game with this, one toss guy on my team thought the other team nuked his main and started attacking them LOL. Oh the good memories :rolleyes:

After that it was the Zerg mineral hacks, I remember one zerg mineral hack where it is similar to the ones we use now (drone egg canceling), only each time doing it will add some kind of weird rock sprites near the hatchery.

So have anyone used all of these great h4x before?


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I remember using some hack that would do emote spams, such as "Jesus hates you" with an upsidedown cross :D That was pretty funny since I was playing with a few of mates and decided to spam that, had absolutetly no idea anyone else could see it until they all go "Wtf?! Jesus hates me?!¬?!?". Multicommand with about 25 carriers was wtfpwnage srsly. Fun times


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Oh man, starcraft <3...
I'm really good friends with the guy that made Apocalypse, RTOH, Annihilation... Etc, name is AgentGOD. His work was amazing and he got my into hacking.
Anyways, if you guys remember (private hacks), was Panic hack. And it had EVERYTHING it was for patch 1.13 and you could do literally anything, I had this one game, was a 2v2, then the guy on my team left. And I was like, that's fine, we can 1v2 I'll be fine (using major hacks like stackhack and shit), and then I do all this, just to go into their base to find they have fucking rocks all over the base and it's un-accessible with ground units. I was like o.o
Anyways, still love the game, still have private hacks that work, and still waiting my ass off for starcraft 2. God dammit blizzard... Been over 10 fucking years.
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i have the hack, its called Oblivion v4.0.6. its very easy to download. just go to a search box and type in "StarCraft Oblivion Hack"

if it doesnt work ill give u the link if i can get it


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i have the hack, its called Oblivion v4.0.6. its very easy to download. just go to a search box and type in "StarCraft Oblivion Hack"

if it doesnt work ill give u the link if i can get it

Who cares? Almost everyone playes on ICCup, so it will be detected