Some basic question(OGL & ET)

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Hey guys =)
Im now longer arround this forum and i learned c++. This is the proof: ‪CA EU VIP Hack by Ch40zz-C0d3r‬‏ - YouTube
Its a hack made by me. Ok it isnt perfect but.....
What i wanna say or more ask is, if anyone here can teach me OpenGL and Enemy Territory basics(like how to get pointers, what r the best classes ETC.)
It would be very great, if someone of u can help me. Thx in advance =]

I've got one question more: How to draw text in OGL? DO I need glut for this?


best classes? how to get pointers? wtf?
cool story with your c&p hack mr jd96 go troll somewhere else
Not open for further replies.