[Tutorial] How to make a Vortex!

Hello all,
I am going to be showing you how to make your very own VORTEX.
Program: Photoshop 7+
Difficulity: Easy
My photoshop has grid-like lines and i dont know how to take them off, so please just forget about the lines. :-[


First of all, start off by making a new page, you can select any size but in this tute, i will be doing it in a 800*800 px.

Step 1:
Go to Filter-> Render -> Clouds
Clouds should appear.

Step 2:
Go to filter -> noise -> add noise
Choose the same settings as i have.

Step 3:
Now go to Filter -> Distort- Polar Coordinates.
Choose rectangular to polar as i have in the image below.

Step 4:
Duplicate the layer.
Press Control- T and enlarge the image so all you see is the inner circle, not the outer lines.
Like this:

Step 5:
Go to filter -> blur -> radial blur.
Choose the same settings as i have.

Step 6:
This isnt needed but to make it better, play around with the colour and levels.
Go to hue and saturation and choose the colour you like.

My favourite is '186' which is blue.

My end result was this:

I look forward to you results.


Johnny D


Im going to hijack this thread a little, to make some cool looking "headshot" effects, try taking a grunge brush and variations of red placed all over on the image, then use the zoom blur

Except make it something like 20-30. Then, you have some sweet flying blood ;)


New member

This shortcut brings up the Hue/Saturation menu.

There should be some bars and two checkboxes at the bottom right. Check the color box and then move the bars around to what you like.
lol this is a turtorial for noobs :p any1 who photoshops knows how do this
but maybe it's 4 beginners :)

ang3l lol he means it looks like the actual vortex is moving not because ur moving the mouse :)