[Tutorial] Melting Gold Text Effect + How To Install Font

Hello finally i got a small break from my college work and i got to make another tutorial.
I'm going to show you how to make a melting gold text effect today.
If you don't want it look like it's melting then don't download the font which i use.
Difficulty rating is 3/10

To make it look like the gold is melting you will need to download this font:
SF Gushing Meadow Font | dafont.com

First of all just incase you don't know how to install text all you need to do is download the text and save it anywhere.
Then go to start > control panel < make sure your in classic view < open up fonts folder and paste the downloaded font in there and your done.

I wasn't the person who originally made this technique, can't find the person who did.

The bigger the text the better the final product will be.

1. First thing you must do is create a new document any size you want, the bigger
the text the better it looks.

2. Now type in your text using the typing tool and use the font SF Gushing Meadow to
get the melting effect. The text must be an orange colour to get the gold.
Colour code i used is cc9900. Now you should have something like below.

View attachment 2377

3. Now right click your text layer and go to blending options.
Goto to Bevel and Emboss and copy the following settings. The gloss contour 1
is the main part.
View attachment 2378

4. Now your done and can either edit your background or put your text on another image.
I just changed the background and gave it some lighting effects.

View attachment 2379

Feel free to post any questions

Kind regards


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It could be easier if You save your styles and attach them in thread :>
Tutorial can be useful for the beginners, nice tho.