[Tutorial] Text Effect

Professional Looking Text Effect made by the sexy untouch :)
Difficulty 2/10
**Click the pictures to get original size**

Hello all
I'm going to show you how to make this very nice text effect as seen below
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This is simple and easy to do and is targeted at beginners in Photoshop

Create a document of a reasonable large size with a black background.
Using the type tool, with your choice of size and text, I used 200pt and Charlemagne Std, type whatever you want, I did Untouch
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Step 2
Right click on the text layer and choose blending options. Click on outer glow and key in the following settings. Colour # ff0000
View attachment 2131

Step 3
Click on colour overlay and key in the following settings. Colour # cc6633
View attachment 2132

Step 4
Click on satin and key in the following settings. colour # 993300
View attachment 2133

At this stage you could also choose black and get a good result as shown below
View attachment 2134

Step 5
Click on inner glow and key in the following settings. Colour # cccc33
View attachment 2135

That's it, i told you it was easy
You can try different colours and see what different looks you can get
Feel free to post questions or your own results



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New member
Thanks untouch this was really helpful, i was making a website atm and this was perfect to use in it.
It's nice easy but effective :)