What do you think about HackReviews.com ?


I don't think a service should be judged by a single person. It is all based on opinions and should belong to blogs. Just my point of view :)


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1.) They claim to be un-biased and base their entire review on one problem.

2.) If they don't like something in their own personal judgement, they refer back to it through the whole rest of the review.

3.) It's not a review site if you have sites pay you for advertisement. Then it becomes a paid-for advertising site for bribing.

HackReviews Site said:
HackReviews is not in the business of creating ANY kind of discontent or bad feelings between us and the sites themselves.
Yet, they create problems and interfere with business progressively. They should do the review, if they like it, sure, support the site. If they don't, step back and if people still want to use their money for it, personal preference. Don't f*@!ing interfere.

HackReviews Site said:
As a site owner you should look at this venue as an opportunity to see how your product is viewed out in the marketplace. Not as a site bashing on you and praising another.
Based on the opinion of 1-2 "customers," that's hardly a way to "see how your product is viewed out in the marketplace."

6.) What the hell is this? ( See attachment )
6a.) These reviews were done all in the same day? If not, is it really that hard to change a text a couple times?
6b.) Isn't this a hack review site? Not a pornstar review site.


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