zOxBoT v4.3

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zOx BoT v4.3

CODE - uNrEaL, HUMM3R, Temp2, HelioS, Fragger, S@T@NIC@, princess1768, yc_ghost_killer, DrunkenCheetah, DarkEvilKiller, Tamimego, Killa, SmokeZ, 999, PwNz3r, megawhey, bbq.
HOOK - osGb, HOOAH07, smaller.

- Most of the codes are public, so if you see something what belongs to you, but can't find yourself on the list, leave reply or PM and i'll add you. Sorry in advance.

How to:

Load a game, inject hack. Press '~' to open console. Once when is opened use INSERT to activate menu.
Menu is 'point and click' use your mouse to turn features ON(green) / OFF(red).
On certain features in menu will be opened submenus, use [-] and [+] to choose type or click on slider bar
[*] to adjust value.



Bone Aimbot - Aims on the enemy automatically.
Smart Triggerbot - "Legit push and hold" aiming feature, only aims on press of Left Mouse Button in 5° angle.
Limit Aim Angle - Will aim on enemy only if he is in your aim angle.
Auto Fire - Auto fire when you aim on the visible enemy.
Server Fire - Run'n'gun feature, allows you to aim and shoot when you running.
Ping Correction - Fixes your aim if you have high ping.

NPC Aimbot - Aims on the NPC Bots automatically.
NPC Limit Aim Angle - Choose angle of aim.
NPC AutoFire - will auto fire for you.


Wallhack - 3 types:
- Normal - shows players through the wall,
- Wireframe - shows player structure,
- Both - Shows normal + wireframe which gives nice yellow outline.
Your Stats - Shows your stats - kills, deaths, score, fragrate, health, ping, selected weapon and date & time.
Fog hack - Disables for so you can see whole map - little FPS fall
Player Skinhack - 3 types:
- Glow hack - makes player brighter,
- Colored models - gives transparent color to players,
- Texture skins - draws textured skins, looks similar to chams.
Map Renders - change map's render. You can choose between:
- Normal
- Wireframed
- Disco
- MultiColoured
- White
- Smooth White
- Full Gamma
Player Health Bar - shows player health bars.

ESP Stuff

Player Cross - shows marker where enemy is.
- You can choose between: Enemy Spotted, Target, Eye, +, X and O markers.
Player Name - shows name of player near him.
Player Distance - Shows distance in unreal meters or feets, how you prefer.
Player Health - Shows player health + bleed health is he bleeding.
Player ESP Box - shows bounding box around player. You can choose between:
- 2D Box
- 3D Box
Player Specials - shows icons for VIPs, Medics and (Player) Admins.
Player Skeleton - aka Stickman, draws player bones.
Objective ESP - shows icon + distance from objective.
Weapon ESP - shows player's primary (and secondary) weapon.

NPC ESP - Draws simple esp on bots.


No breath - with this option you will no longer breath in/out while aiming down the sight.
No recoil - remove weapons shaking.
No flash effects - will remove flash effects once when flashed.
Crosshair - draws custom xhair in the middle of screen. You can choose between:
- dot - red, green, cyan
- + - same colors
- HUD Crows - same colors.
Reload - auto reload, you can choose between normal and instant.
Fixjam - auto fix jam, you can choose between normal and instant.
Suppressor - auto puts suppressor on your gun.
Player Tweaks - no reload/fixjam sound, no locked movement, no limited rotation fe. while doing obj or climbing ladder.
Sniper Scope - all your weapons have sniper scope, you can choose between:
- M82 Sniper Overlay
- MOS Sniper Overlay
- SVD Sniper Overlay
- Red Dot Overlay
- ACOG 4x Scope Overlay.

Specials (not in menu):

Weapon Cloning - Use Numpad+ to clone your weapons
Zoom hack - use Numpad8 to zoom in and Numpad2 to zoom out
Console messages - you can use:
> amsg <text> - Admin message - msg in the middle of screen


Map Renders - Wireframe, disco, multicolored, white, smooth white, bright
Menu - Aimbot, Visuals, ESP, Misc
Ingame - SS 1, SS 2, SS 3, SS 4, SS 5, SS 6, SS 7, SS 8


- This hack doesn't have any PBSS protection, but you can use alternatives... This or this.
- You are using this hack on your own risk of getting banned.
- I used TObjectIterrator on some features (NPC, WeapESP, ObjESP) so if you have lower gaming rig don't use them.

If you find some bugs please report them in this thread.

Enjoy while it last and have fun!


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wenne im inject the hack to the game, Connect to the server, authorisation is good, pb is good and when i play waiting some seconds and i get a critical error


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Next problems can be on your end:
- Probably bug in-game or cheat,
- You have to slow PC to run game+cheat together,
- You didn't run injector and the game like admin, and in compatibility mode for WinXP 32-bit SP3.

How to fix:
- Restart PC and try again,
- Don't activate Objective or Weapon ESP on normal maps & NPC ESP on co-op maps,
- There is no really fix except roll back to Win XP.

Also, before you try anything of this, turn off MSN / XFire or some similar programs which you don't need while you playing.
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